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Can anyone be coached?

Usually we share only selected glimpses of ourselves with others. Social media profiles and digital identities broadcast an ‘ideal self’. These images have little about who we really are. In contrast, in the world of coaching, success depends on being open and authentic – being fully ourselves. In previous bulletins we found the relationship created […]

How do you select a coach?

We spend too much time alone on social media. Instead of being present in a meeting, we check messages; instead of enjoying a view, we post pictures on Facebook. We are too often disconnected from the things that matter; from relationships with colleagues, family and friends. Coaching is about relationships and relationships are about connection. […]

What is coaching?

What do you say when you KNOW what something is but can’t easily describe it?  We all know what education is but when you go to define it, things become complicated. Professionals in charge of coaching in organisations face this problem daily.  So do executives being coached and coaches…  On that note, welcome to the […]