Executive Coaching and Business Mentoring Testimonials

Coaching exceeded my expectations. It was uncanny how every thought was able to be translated into a learning and a change in behaviour.  

Telecommunications Executive

They have a unique ability to tailor their approach to the organisation they are working with.

CEO, Health Industry

As a senior leader I have tapped into this broad range of skills to assist me and my people to develop long term lasting and sustainable outcomes.

Senior Executive Transport

They seek out an understanding of the broad issues facing the organisation and take a strategic approach which leads to quite different conversations.

CEO, Health Industry

Following a promotion, I worked with my coach to develop my leadership abilities, including stronger strategic thinking, executive presence and adaptability. My coach was invaluable in assisting me to increase my self-confidence, self-understanding and ability to manage emotions. This focus and support helped me take on another promotion, a key off-shore role, with a sense of true understanding and validation.

Senior Director, Technology

I have increased my strategic capacity and am now able to work effectively in much larger roles.

Country Lead, Energy Company

My coach was a source of information and strength. He frequently challenged the way I viewed things by suggesting other ways of thinking and doing. This provided me with a broader toolkit as a manager and leader. He puts a premium on ethical behaviour, values based decision-making and respect for others; and this is infectious.

Vice Chancellor, Australian University

I found my coaching to be invaluable. My coach assisted me in focusing on my strengths whilst building even more peoples E.Q and thus I’ve been much more effective in developing my teams’ capacity. Her compassion and gentle yet provocative questioning has been helpful in assisting me address my goals and build my team and personal profile.

General Manager, Mining

My coach opened my mind to be able to look at solving problems, business strategies and increasing productivity from a number of different angles. I found her to have a unique ability to test the mind and think ‘outside the square’ to achieve a much better overall business and personal performance

Managing Director, Construction

I found my time with my coach an invaluable part of my leadership development. The way she started with the feedback from colleagues, linked it to behaviours and then, over time, helped me understand the root cause of those behaviours. My coach was engaging and really helped in the application of these insights to my daily practice. I would sincerely recommend her to any individual who is looking to push through the transition from management to leadership.

Sales Manager, Global Food Company

Coaching gave me new insight into the impacts a strong team has on an organisation, both good and bad. I have become more considered and strategic.

General Manager, International Communications Technology Company

The results achieved and benefits to my business far exceeded my expectations of what is possible. In fact, I was very sceptical about the process. My coach’s approach and tenacity to keep us moving forward was the catalyst for our step up.

Operations Director, Entertainment & TV Industry

My coach introduced frameworks and methods to identify behaviours and factors that were holding me back. He was able to use his considerable life knowledge and background as a corporate executive to help me navigate through these issues. His approach is methodical, empathic and based on real world experiences. As a result, I am a happier individual and have achieved greater success in my profession.

Director, Management Consulting Firm

Coaching was invaluable to me at a time of huge change within the organisation. It was certainly valuable in highlighting what goals I needed to be focused on achieving, rather than attempting to achieve them all. This is an approach that has assisted me greatly in driving the right behaviours and results towards the end of our financial year. Further, it has helped me gain greater support from senior management.

Manager, NSW Government

Through coaching, I developed my self-belief and self-worth, I become more courageous generally. None of this would have been possible without my having had a coach who was committed to listening and firm in his guidance, without being directive.

Partner, Legal Firm

My coach’s strong skills of team and leadership development bring tremendous impact to the business. He is professional, inspirational and trustworthy as an executive coach and has helped me overcome many tough transformational and management challenges in my career.

Executive, Talent Management, IT Industry