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Vice Chancellor, Australian University

My coach was a source of information and strength. He frequently challenged the way I viewed things by suggesting other ways of thinking and doing. This provided me with a broader toolkit as a manager and leader. He puts a premium on ethical behaviour, values based decision-making and respect for others; and this is infectious.

General Manager, Mining

I found my coaching to be invaluable. My coach assisted me in focusing on my strengths whilst building even more peoples E.Q and thus I’ve been much more effective in developing my teams’ capacity. Her compassion and gentle yet provocative questioning has been helpful in assisting me address my goals and build my team and […]

Managing Director, Construction

My coach opened my mind to be able to look at solving problems, business strategies and increasing productivity from a number of different angles. I found her to have a unique ability to test the mind and think ‘outside the square’ to achieve a much better overall business and personal performance